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    Full member 200 euro / Day member 140 euro / Students 140 euro / Youth 92,50

Looking to play tennis in Amstelveen/Amsterdam? Welcome to AMVJ Tennis at Sportpark Het Loopveld on the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen!

At AMVJ Tennis both young and old can play at your own recreative and/or competitive level for one of the lowest fees in the region! We organise at least 4 internal tournaments each year. Youth members can take group lessons (16) in the Spring at an attractive rate.

We have 6 gravel courts and 2 all weather courts (also available from November-March) where you can play every day from 9 am till 11 pm. All our courts are illuminated. Our members have all kinds of nationalities amongst which a large number of Japanese members.

How do I become a member? (For Japanese members click here)

Sign up through this link on the site of the Dutch Tennis Association KNLTB (Dutch only). You need to fill in some personal details, your email address, etc. We need this information to register you as a member of AMVJ Tennis and for your membership card. We also use this information for communication with our members through email, Newsletter or telephone.

1. Upload a photo/selfie through the same link.
2. Enter your IBAN and 'tenaamstelling' (name of the account holder) and check the box 'Automatische incasso toestaan'. This is mandatory for new members. You will receive 7.50 euro discount with a direct debit mandate.
3. Enter the type of membership in the field 'Soort lidmaatschap': full member, day member, student member or youth member (for our membership fees, see below).
4. If you want to sign up your child for youth (group) lessons, please fill in the field 'Jeugdlessen volgen?' and we will contact one of our trainers.

It takes about 2 weeks before you receive your membership card at your postal address. Note: your membership card is valid for 2 years!

More information: Robbert Veltman, ledenadministratie@amvjtennis.nl

Membership fees*

Our membership year starts at the 1st of April and ends the 31st March of the next year.  (check the box Automatische incasso toestaan').

Full membership (you can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs.) 207,50 euro
Day membership (you can play from Monday - Friday from 9-18 hrs.) 140,00 euro
Students (you can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs, send a copy of your student card): 140,00 euro
Youth members (till 17 years, the age on 1 January is decisive): 92,50 euro
Entrance fee for new members (one-off) 25 euro
Youth group lessons (16 lessons): 170 euro
Fine in case of non-payment (we will call in a collection agency or 'deurwaarder' if neccesary) 50 euro